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Forum Rules

Post by Disastrous Omu on Fri Feb 21, 2014 10:24 pm

1. Any language is permitted as long as other people translate it after.

2. Avoid SPAM (20%, 2 weeks)
Posting stuff that is obsolete, useless or does literally not mean anything is referred to as spamming. Kindly post content on the topic rather than off-topic.

3. Netiquette in mind (30%, 2 weeks)
Using extremely abusive words, offending someone, severe trolling and bullying are absolutely not accepted.

4. Be respectful (20%, 2 weeks)
Try and be respectuful to fellow members. Accept their critiques humbly and don't flame them uselessly.

5. Peace, not war (15%, 2 weeks)
If flame wars are progressing somewhere in the forums, kindly report the matter to a moderator in charge as soon as possible. We should solve the matter as soon as possible. Do not take the matter in your hands, (posts actually) and worsen it.

6. No backseat moderating (10%, 1 week)
If you find violation of any of the rules, do not post in the respective thread. PM the violator or use the report button under the post. Moderators do their own job and you don't have to do their work.

7. Help us keep away BOTS (5%, 5 days)
These days bots contribute to lots of SPAM in out forums. If any bot sends a PM or posts a topic related to sale of products etc, kindly report to the Administrators or Moderators. Do not post in such threads or reply to the PM.

8. No Adult content (40%, 3 weeks)
Anything exclusively for adults (over 18 bullshit) must not be posted here. This is a forum mostly for under 18 people and thus will not be tolerated in ANY case.

All people are entrusted to follow these rules for the well being of the forum.
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