Metal Metariu character story development

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Metal Metariu character story development

Post by Disastrous Omu on Sat Jul 04, 2015 9:29 pm


Metal Metariu is the main male protagonist of the series Chosen Beta and is a first-year High school Student at Eikumei in Hong Kong. Metal Metariu is a pretty chill dude but sometimes gets into trouble in messed up situations without knowing what trouble he is gotten into. But He fights himself back out. Although being mature he gets drag into violence and trouble along the way. He has no experience in reckless street fighting but he tries anyway when he is being threaten. When getting into dangerous situations with bad guys that can be way stronger than him. He challenges them and puts his life in the line to protect others in need of help. One of Metal hobbies are exploring, playing videos games usually playing ps4 on his phone using ps4 controller. A recent occasion he notice a giant mob a Gang called the Violent Branch chasing a weird looking creature and later on saves The Alien Yeti (weird looking creature) and forms a friendly relationship. The relationship between Metal and Terrance becomes dangerous when getting obliviously involve. Metal then explore places around the world & beyond and later is known as Omu.


Sole Speaker to one eye. Parrot Beak (Main Power of a cyclops the Parrot Beak is the one covering Left Eye inside it is a Golden Eye) He has 2 forms known as Viscous Omu and Miraculous Omu. These Parrot Beak transformation gets revealed by fighting off his friends demon sides, also Hajime Pisuke and Reiki Merger and getting most of the help from Elliot Axel fighting off Seiji Mciver The Demon Bone King. These Forms reveal throughout tough opponents in the continuation of the plot. Mostly mainly using Parrot Beak 1st form (Viscous Omu) for critical laser attacks.


Metal is Age 16 and his height is 168cm. He Possesses black Hair and black eyes. He is a nice looking teenage boy. He sometimes consistently wears a white T shirt with 1 red line on top and 1 blue line bellow Horizontally on the middle of the shirt on the left top center of the red line there is a red circle and a black tree. He wears Black pants with laces and a belt. And has brown shoes with laces. Another clothing he wears is a black and white t shirt with collar with a cool design. etc...


Metal is the son of Oegri Metariu & Jun and Grand son of Klemetti & Lieftet (Oegri Parents)
and Jun only has a mom her name is Rosalie. During his childhood Metal Grew up with his brother Motarike and his best friend Elliot Axel. During the birth of Metal and Motarike. Motarike was born with another person in him name Seth. The ones who knew about this was Metal and his Family. Seth is a demon magician who is a mime clown he prefers calling himself Mister Seth. Seth is a evil version of Motarike. There was no History to the family about Demons or Sorcery. Seth was like a big brother to Metal and Metal was like a big brother to Motarike. They spent all this time together as a family keeping this a secret. Seth was always plotting a personal Conjuncture for the alternate universe he lived in but nobody knew. If something in the alternate universe would be affected the real world wouldn't be affected. At age 10 Metal entered Seth Universe by accident when sleeping. Metal spend 2 years in that universe and was missing in the real world for sometime. A place where he learned magic. After returning home Metal decides to leave home and joined a society of demons and magic.

Life in Hong Kong

Metal met some friends from the alternate universe of Seth within the past 2 years at age 10 - 12. In Hong Kong Metal had a friend name Elliot Axel who he always hangout with time to time. When being a part of a society of demons and magic Metal became a member of Class Vessel. At age 16 as present Metal Welfare became decent and Class Vessel provided a place for him to stay. Metal and Terrance always hangout in a variety of places there prior goal is to go find out who is Terrance the Alien Yeti and to turn him back to human and to find his creator. In and Out Hong Kong Metal gets involved with gangs, mafia's and gets mixed up into military trouble. Which these people have supernatural powers and great martial arts. Metal plans to teach Violent Branch the gang a lesson and getting answers for what they are doing. Being into Class Vessel and having Alien yeti by his side could be troublesome because of the trouble it can cause for Metal although this is his job. Class Vessel although is all about battlefields and danger they are meant for cultivate and ranking levels for Students with supernatural abilities. Class Vessel is also a agency for hunting and collecting what they will need for there society. The society Class Vessel puts Metal at a school name Eikumei as a first year high school student. Although school it self doesn't have much students with abilities most of them have no powers. In certain times Metal sometimes visits his family to see how they are doing. Metal and Motarike also like each other company and sometimes they team up with Elliot Axel and fight troublesome people. Elliot Axel learns his abilities by feeling the energy of things with power he learns about absorption for his sword. His sword turns to a energy source of a pitch fork. Mainly using the power of lightning as his weapon as things progress he learns typhoon as he swings his weapon where twisters of wind come out and another level of it is more powerful name ichinose typhoon. His power is called energy source. Motarike at the other hand is later known as Mister Mister. Motarike does not have any abilities he is a brawler and has a immune system where he doesn't feel pain. One day Motarike found a imp devil named Elko and with Elko he gives Motarike a equipment of magic weapons as he transforms himself as a weapon. And as Seth comes out these powers increase. These characters progress with there abilities by upcoming events through time. Elko was found by a mafia. Motarike meets Elko in a deserted place. Elko chose's Motarike as his source of power and as his master. In Eikumei High School a brown haired girl name Kobayakawa Pine shows up as a new character in the story. Metal first meets her when Metal started having a conversation with his master in Class Vessel in town with Alien Yeti (Terrance). She became suspicious seeing an Alien Yeti when walking by. Metal and Pine have notice each other and seen each other at the same class in Eikumei High school. They ran into each other and she said "what is that" Metal said "Its a long story". That's how it started They became close friends and every now and then they see each other. The Class Vessel Arranges Metal for beating up gangs and mafia as a quest its sometimes is a one man job.  After sometime Metal brings out his friends from Seth universe, also Elliot Axel and Motarike to fight off the Mafia that used Elko later on Metal fights off three members. As the team spreads out for infiltration and attack to the mafia. As In the Hajime Pisuke Arc. Out of the three members Metal is fighting Reiki Merger, Seiji Mciver the Demon Bone King, And Hajime Pisuke. The reason why Metal and his team is attacking the Mafia ZamaZura that coexist with other Demons and Magic is because they are the one of the worst generation's that bring harm and trouble to Hong Kong. Metal Metariu becomes loyal, strange and heroic he forms a a great team of members in and out Class Vessel. As Pine grew fond of Alien Yeti (Terrance) she starts hanging out with Metal and learning about his world that is psychological, supernatural, and his path.


Terrance Transformation Arc.
The 1st event has come Metal Meets up with Terrance for the first time. When Terrance gets chase by the the Violent Branch all through town knowing that the Alien Yeti Terrance brings world of a very dark sinister side of demon's and sorcery which is where he came from. He is a property of the lightning heavens. Terrance gets introduce to Metal and he brings Metal into a scary world to surpass and overcome the structure of hell. And to find out who he is. The conclusion gets bundled up through out the fight where Metal protects Terrance. Although he struggles to help Terrance and get's obliviously involve. During the fight with the Violent Branch Metal tries his best to survive after a while Terrance transforms into a Demon Yeti and annihilate's the gang as he awakens. After the fight everyone calm down and Metal and Terrance became close friends and now Terrance lives with Metal. Within a different Arc the meaning of the Lightning Heavens organizes a collection of Elemental Aliens like Terrance and Elko where a Scientist name Morlin turns kids into monsters that will join up with gangs and mafias to organised a underground death tournament which is located near the graves of the volcano. The team winner wins 3 items the 1st is a Metal Antiquity that can repel magic and heal there are other secrets to this weapon. 2nd is a map to the structure of hell. 3rd Wealth.

Hajime Pisuke Arc
Class Vessel and Metal are given tasks/quest to wipe out gangs and mafias that coordinate with the Lightning Heavens. From the dark side of Hong Kong the team came across with the mafia team Zamazura. When arranging for this quest Metal brings out his friends for Seth universe and Class Vessel to fight off ZamaZura. The reason why Metal and his team is attacking the Mafia ZamaZura that coexist with other Demons and Magic is because they are the one of the worst generation's that bring harm and trouble to Hong Kong especially being coordinated with the Lightning Heavens. The team spreads out and infiltrate the mafia. Metal targets 3 members Reiki Merger, Seiji Mciver the Demon Bone King, And Hajime Pisuke and fights off along with Elliot Axel help partly. Motarike attacks the army of mafias and fights off the extra main team of Hajime Pisuke. Metal friends Aeschere and Thane and some others gets introduce through this arc. Metal first opponent is Reiki Merger the description of this character is that he wears a white fox mask his power is to merge with anything he touches there could be a limit to his power. Metal beats up Reiki and uses his special attack BoltedDox for a couple of times the fight becomes disastrous. 2nd Opponent Seiji Mciver the Demon Bone King Metal struggles to defeat Seiji later on Elliot becomes Seiji real fight as it goes on with hand to hand sword combat. Final Boss that Metal beats up is Hajime Pisuke the description of this character he has a blade that can repel and do other things Metal then awakens his 1st Parrot Beak transformation Viscous Omu and the fight becomes brutal. Class Vessel then finishes off ZamaZura and later on Seiji Mciver join's up with Metal and friends.

Vessel Beta Survival Arc
Metal and his friends part away from Class Vessel and go on in an adventure to see Morlin the Scientist at the Lightning Heavens continent. Demons/Monsters, Gangs, Mafia's and elemental aliens organised a underground death tournament located near the graves of volcano. Everyone competes in a dangerous life risking tournament for the prizes. What they aim for is the structure of hell and to learn about elemental aliens and what they can do for them. After a long battle with survival instincts everyone goes to the graves of the volcano where they will fight a guy with a giant jellyfish now learning the main reason of elemental aliens as things goes bad Terrance grows as big as the giant jellyfish being like a more dangerous demon yeti. Then everybody attacks the user of the giant jellyfish. The user name is Joris Hayama. Everybody gets beaten down but everybody gets a handicap from the Metal antiquity power the power of healing. The fight keeps going on and on. Suddenly Metal unleashes a new power called parrot feather dagger which transforms from the Metal Antiquity. His powers become interesting as new abilities and tactics become Hazardous. Metal gets the upper hand and defeats the opponent Joris then he retreats. Later on everyone gets a break from the journey to relax and to prepare for the Structure of Hell.

ugly character designs hope I can have awesome character designs:

I would like my character design to be as cool and similar to this

Metal Hair is like this but his hair is black

the bangs mostly like this


I think Its time to show me this effort of yours

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