mister mister character story development

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mister mister character story development

Post by Disastrous Omu on Tue Jul 21, 2015 6:55 pm

Mister Mister is a mime clown but usually doesn't look like one when his face transform with makeup he get's into a stronger state. the Stronger State is when the makeup on his face forms That state is 50% of his form but when 100% of his form is out He transforms to his more powerful anti self Mister Seth with white hair and differents clothes and red nose then he is stronger he is a different person. With Great Fire Magic provided from Elko.
Mister Mister can use demon elko as a fire for his techniques such
as his scimitar weapon and other weapons such a sorcerer staff (mage) and Bow and Arrows with fire magic (Archer) his real name is Motarike Metariu also known as Metal brother

He is completely useless with Elko the devil imp.

He uses tasers sometimes Elko is a elemental alien just like Terrance the alien yeti.



I think Its time to show me this effort of yours

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