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social media contacts profile

Post by Disastrous Omu on Tue Oct 20, 2015 10:04 pm

contacts profile thread if you people want to add each other as friends pm them.

Contact: can be skype or whatever can be more than 5. Youtube channel
or whatever just share contact if you want.
Experience: Number of months or years you have been playing
Hobbies: You know what that means what you do for free time
Boy or girl: who are you what age what nationality. share a picture if you want.
Bio: Description of yourself

Name/Nickname: Evan Diaz , sk4t3esagas
Contact: Just PM me
Experience: I'm a noobie of lf2 and what so ever atm.
Hobbies: Athletic stuff, video games, anime, youtube etc..
Boy or Girl: I'm male and just visitor message me about my age. I'm Fillipino and
12.5% Chinese born in Abu Dhabi Emirates at feb.22.1996.


I think Its time to show me this effort of yours

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