My awesome memento

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My awesome memento

Post by Disastrous Omu on Mon Feb 29, 2016 2:34 pm - Trying to learn about sprites - trying to understand website template video player widget - [Char] Deenis-S updating -[Char] Deenis-S updating - Character making new lf2 character (Skate-SkateEX) - Learning to Draw

i'm  so bored some times not getting motivation to get skills
i've been watching anime i like

I like blood lad wanting to read manga I think its ongoing
I like a certain magical index and the law of ueki

the genre of anime i like is supernatural, action, maybe fantasy, slice of life
and such

i recently bought yu yu hakusho anime with all the episodes in blu ray

i'm liking dragon ball super

I just want to be hype watching anime

I want to change my website url

and recently trying to sprite in in original lf2 style wanting to learn
to shade and making proper positions i'm pretty bad i can't think when i'm shading

cause just started spriting 240 x 240 size then if i'm going to be done then shrink it 80 x 80
i haven't before finish making sprites and sprite sheets

its like my pride and joy but don't have the skill yet

also wanting to do other things i want to draw manga

usually on my current days i watch anime all day but getting bored

i want to be fit and be a lf2'er until i want to stop working for it or whatever
i want to draw manga and be a anime artist and enjoy anime

i don't have lots of talent or skill

i created a website with help
its called
if i got awesome stuff and projects i would post it there

i'm planing to read html5 for beginners just to set up
a video player widget system just like double4anime website so i can add my youtube videos and vimeo
and such

i haven't been doing anything at this time but i hope to get some where in the future

those are my goals and plans

but anyways getting bored sometimes and want to watch good anime


I think Its time to show me this effort of yours

Disastrous Omu

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